• Mangonada J.R.E.A.M.
  • Free Nights and Weekends
  • Denalaxy
  • Distorted Treelines
  • Double Pumpkin Cheesecake J.R.E.A.M.
  • Cashmere Coogi Sweater
  • Sequoia Sap
  • Phantom of the Oak w/ Stonefruit
  • Hobo Hotline
  • Anytime Minutes
  • Habitual
  • High Whhheat
  • Rude Boy
  • Aboriginal Gangster
  • Coffee N' Cream
  • Bilsner
  • Lost
  • Bunker-C
  • Hand Made Root Beer
  • Mangonada J.R.E.A.M. Fruited Sour w/ Lactose

    4.5% ABV 5 IBU
    Based off the beverage from Mexico, this version of the J.R.E.A.M. series was conditioned on hundreds of pounds of mangos, followed up with chili lime salt, chamoy, lime, and lactose to create an interestingly sweet and tangy sensory experience.

  • Free Nights and Weekends IPA

    7% ABV 27 IBU
    The most complex hop blend we’ve ever used in beer including Mosaic, Denali, Amarillo, Wai-iti, Waimea, Topaz, Kohatu, Cashmere, and falconers flight. We brewed this beer to showcase the best characteristics of each hop and make a truly unique IPA experience.

  • Denalaxy Imperial IPA

    7.2% ABV 42 IBU
    The unity of two incredible hops, denali and galaxy, combine forces to
    boast notes of pineapple, lime zest, and ripe mangos in this double dry
    hopped juce bomb of an IPA.

  • Distorted Treelines Triple IPA

    10.2% ABV 32 IBU
    Distorted Treelines is an incredibly smooth and crsuhable triple IPA, brewed with copious amounts of Vic Secret, Wai-iti, and Mosaic. The perfect amount of carbonation creates a dense, creamy head and a smooth, pillowy finish. Extremely mild bitterness, this beer explodes with clean notes of pineapple, passionfruit, and stone fruits.

  • Double Pumpkin Cheesecake J.R.E.A.M. Imperial Fruited Sour w/ Lactose

    7% ABV 5 IBU
    Imagine this - An adult smoothie with hundreds of pounds of pumpkin purèe, cream cheese, vanilla, cinnamon, brown sugar, and topped off with lactose. This ale has a creamy and smooth mouthfeel and tastes like a bit of fresh bake pumpkin cheesecake; from the decadent flavors all the way down to the pie crust.

  • Cashmere Coogi Sweater Triple Dryhopped Double IPA

    8.8% ABV 50 IBU
    Double IPA triple dry hopped with citra, motueka and
    cashmere hops. We added a touch of lactose in the
    boil for an extra pillowy mouthfeel.

  • Sequoia Sap Outdoor IPA

    7% ABV 23 IBU
    Heavy doses of Citra and Australia topaz hops. It was then conditioned on blood orange to lend a pungent, ripe, orange nose followed by layers of tropical, citrus, and nectarine fruit with a tasteful balanced sticky, resinous finish and mouthwatering aroma.

  • Phantom of the Oak w/ Stonefruit Mixed Fermentation Saison

    5.9% ABV 8 IBU
    A mixed fermentation saison brewed with Brettanomyces claussenii and then soured with our house strain of Lactobacillus delbrueckii and matured in our French oak foeder with peaches, apricots, and plums for a complex tart funky experience.

  • Hobo Hotline Session IPA

    4.10% ABV 20 IBU
    The 2008 Maryland State body boarding champ aka Matt Meekins brewed his first beer while his babysitters were out of town. It features mouthwatering stonefruit and citrus zest notes and is refreshingly crisp and crushable

  • Anytime Minutes Pale Ale

    5.4% ABV 22 IBU
    All Falconer's Flight; all the time. A light grain bill with generous additions of malted and flaked wheat to build a soft mouthfeel on top a pillow of aromatic hop resin. Anytime Minutes are here to help you reach your momma when you need a ride home.

  • Habitual Pale Ale

    5.3% ABV 15 IBU
    This juicy pale ale was double dry hopped with Summer and Rakau hops that lend a generous amount of bright fruity aromas including citrus, stone fruit, and pine.

  • High Whhheat Hibiscus Wheat Ale

    5.8% ABV 24 IBU
    This light bodied wheat beer was brewed with generous amounts of organic hibiscus & English lavender to impart a unique flavor and pink hue.

  • Rude Boy Big Red Ale

    8.1% ABV 32 IBU
    This Burley red ale utilizes 8 different malts to create complexity with hints of burnt sugar, raisin and a slight touch of smoke.

  • Aboriginal Gangster IPA

    6.6% ABV 50 IBU
    This is not your typical IPA...We used New Zealand Motueka hops, which present nice lemon-lime citrus notes, followed by a tropical fruit finish. The use of these hops creates a softer bitterness while retaining the bite of an IPA. This batch also features New Zealand Pacific Jade hops, which impart herbal spicy aromas and flavors.

    92 out of 100 - Beer Advocate Magazine

  • Bilsner American Pilsner

    4.20% ABV 21 IBU
    This American Pilsner is named after our co-worker Bill, who has asked us to make a Pilsner for over a year. Brewed with Pilsner malt and toasted wheat, this light, crushable beer is a crisp, and refreshing type deal.

  • Lost IPA

    7.2% ABV 48 IBU
    We scrapped all of the traditional recipes, drank a few beers, and completely lost ourselves in deep conversation about the perfect IPA - the one we could drink all the time. We stripped down our preconceived notions of how an IPA is typically crafted and instead built a recipe that would be the ultimate showcase of the most expressive hops available to brewers today. We were lost...and now we are in love.

  • Bunker-C Porter

    6.9% ABV 35 IBU
    A robust porter, pitch black in color with notes of baking chocolate, fresh coffee, and a distinct umami character that sets it apart from your everyday porter.

    Named after the term for crude oil, Bunker-C shares its richness and desirability, but is much more affordable than its namesake.

  • Hand Made Root Beer Non-Alcoholic

    0% ABV 0 IBU
    Try our delicious hand made Root Beer always on tap at the brewery. Tastes just like the candy!


Limited Can Release
Saturday November 23rd

Join us for our limited can release Saturday November 23rd

To be released in 16oz 4 packs, open at 11am!

Guest Bartenders!




In 2011 Brooks Clayville contacted me about his love for farming and trying to grow new crops including Maryland indigenous plants and brewing grains. As a Soil Scientist Brooks knows all too well what these small grains need to grow here on the Eastern Shore. After a good bit of research Brooks decided on a grain and we started planting. The first trial failed and we tried again. and again. In late 2013 we finally found what all the necessary components were to grow and harvest a barley that was able to be malted. This research, trial and error, and overall learning curve adaptation lead to our Burley Oak grain to glass series called, Home Grown Ales. The first beer in this series is Loakal, Pale Ale.


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